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@verschwoerer : let me handle this one :))

Pics or it didn't happen :))

Well, sorry, but we can't possibly have any idea what will happen when we die.

I think the ideas of any kind of afterlife were mainly made up by religious masterminds in order to make people more tolerant towards evil in the world.

If everyone believes "those guys will get their punishment in the afterlife", those guys can do whatever they want. Slavery, rape, and of course all of the 7 deadly sins. And in fact they did. And people didn't do anything about it, as for instance killing those guys would be a sin and then they'd be punished in the afterlife. So people having those ideas, rely on the afterlife for justice. I don't think we should wait for something that will most likely never happen, but instead fight all the mother fuckers that ruin this world RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Most likely your death is the end of your consciousness. Use the spark of life you have to do something good and meaningful.

The knowledge of life being finite is THE TRUE MOTIVATION to make something out of your life.

And that's exactly what religion wants to take away from you by telling you fairy tales about eternal life.

If you go as far as thinking there's going to be a magical heaven above the skies, where everything is great and awesome, why would you want to live long anyways? Why not do lots of high-risk extreme sports, so you quickly accidentally non-intentionally die and go to heaven. The longer you live, the more likely it gets that you accumulate some sins and go to hell.
Also if all religionutters would do that, the world would possibly become a much better place.

And why is suicide a sin, even if you are incapable of living an enjoyable life? Because the religious masterminds need you to do all the work, so they can live a comfy life! Don't want people to kill themselves to get to the magic non existent afterlife place.

It was always about robbing people of their freedom, even the freedom of thought, as the afterlife of course (Capt. Obvious) also punishes bad thoughts. So you don't even think, let alone discuss to overthrow the evil "god-chosen" (self-announced) leaders.
Cthulhu, Jahwee, Zeus, Odin, God... know it all!

The worst part:



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